It's nice to have a well-draining and weed-free gravel driveway. What's nicer is to have someone else do all the work. That is where The Gravel Guru comes in. We can bring your compacted and overgrown driveway and parking area back to beautiful, and usually with NO NEW GRAVEL! Whether for your home or commercial property, you can leave everything to us.

Gravel driveway and parking lot rejuvenation

Maintenance plans available

Organic preemergent application available

Most projects require NO NEW GRAVEL!

& Residential Services

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What Customers Have to Say

"I got tired of pulling weeds and filling potholes, I also got tired of my neighbor's driveway looking better than mine.  He told me to call The Gravel Guru so I did. Now my gravel driveway looks just as good, if not better.  And the best part is, I needed no added gravel"

Kevin G